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Kevin Slick: Home

Kevin Slick is a parent, musician, composer, visual artist, writer and teacher sometimes all at the same time. Welcome to this website where you will find examples of his varied and extensive creative work.  For more up to date information join Kevin on Facebook or follow on Twitter @KevinSlick1

Savage Hearts Album Kickstarter! - June 13, 2016

Be the first one on your block to join our kickstarter for the new Savage Hearts album.  Visit the Kickstarter page for a video about how we incorporate our teaching into performance and recording.

New Album! - June 11, 2016

Annie Savage and I have a new album coming out - July 6th is the release date.  The album features mostly instrumental recordings of old gospel favorites.  These are the songs we learned as children and still resonate all these years later.  Annie plays fiddle and harp, I play guitars, banjo, mandolin and bouzouki and we both do some singing.

New band The Savage Hearts - April 25, 2016

You'll also find me playing in a new band, The Savage Hearts, these days - here are a few videos

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